Alkyd Resins

An alkyd is an ester-based polymer derived from the polycondensation reaction of a polyhydric alcohol and a polybasic acid. In addition to these ingredients, the resulting resin is modified with an oil or a fatty acid to make it more flexible and to air harden it.

Alkyd-based resins have been a dominant product in the protective coating market since the 1930s.  Alkyd resins are extensively used in the surface coating application because of their excellent mechanical properties, reliability, superior drying speed, high gloss, lower cost than the acrylic binders. 

Discover Tunas Resin's range of alkyd resins:


Long Oil Alkyd

Long oil alkyd resins have an oil content greater than 55%, resulting in smoother brushing characteristics. Long oil alkyd resins are soluble in aliphatic type solvents (e.g. white spirit). It can be water thinnable when proper additives and processing techniques are applied.

Performance: fast drying, good gloss retention, good durability, good brushability, flexibility balance, good  pigment dispersibility.

Applications: architectural paints, marine paints, air-drying paints and varnishes.


Medium Oil Alkyd

Medium oil alkyd resins are alkyd binders made with a medium oil-to-alkyd resin ratio. These resins contain between 40 and 60% oil as a modifying agent. Medium oil alkyd resins takes less time to dry when compared to long oil alkyd resins. These resins are completely soluble in aliphatic solvents.

Performance: fast drying, good durability, good yellowing resistance and colour retention, excellent gloss.

Applications: architectural paints, industrial primers and finishes, structural steel paints.


Short Oil Alkyd

Short oil alkyd resins are made with a short oil-to-alkyd resin ratio, less than 40%. Short oil alkyd resins are generally oven dried because they cannot be air dried. Typical solvent systems for these products are the alipahtic solvents. Some may be cut in aromatics or oxygenated solvents for high solids. Most will accept infinite dilution with aliphatic solvents.

Performance: fast drying, high gloss, good film build, low yellowing, good adhesion, good hardness, good flow, good colour and colour retention.

Applications: NC lacquer, NC putty, polyurethane varnishes, acid curing, baking enamels.


Modified Alkyd

Tunas Resin produces Phenolic, Rosin and Styrene Modified Alkyds. These products are specifically formulated for fast dry and curing, making it suitable for multiple uses in industrial, OEM and metal fabrication applications.

Performance: excellent gloss and gloss retention,, good adhesion, good solvent resistance, alkali and water resistance, good hardness, fast drying, high gloss retention.

Applications: air drying paints, baking enamels, industrial primers and finishes, hammertone finishes.

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