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From an individual’s passion for a better future, grows a company committed to quality, precision and expertise.

PT. TUNAS SUMBER IDEAKREASI KIMIA or publicly known as  TUNAS RESIN has been serving the industry and community since 1990.

Since its foundation, Tunas Resin’s ethos has been to positively contribute to society through the manufacture and supply of synthetic resins.

Today, Tunas Resin proudly caters to a wide national and international market. As part of a continued dedication in sustainable innovation, the business has also expanded to the manufacture of water based resins – the building blocks for environmentally-friendly coatings, adhesives and textile binders.

Tunas Resin’s offices, research laboratories and factories are based in Jakarta, Indonesia and employ more than 120 people. In the belief that polymers are a part of everyday life, Tunas Resin constantly seeks to improve in quality and technology to pave the way to a greener future. 

Following its vision, mission and values of people, product and planet, Tunas Resin aims to maintain a world-class standard of quality management, and to consistently meet customers’ expectations.



To become one of the leading synthetic resin manufacturers in Indonesia, turning polymers into sustainable solutions.



Leading with quality, precision and expertise to manufacture and supply the best synthetic resin products at the best possible market price.


Consistently manufacture the best quality synthetic resins to meet customer satisfaction.



Committed to professionalism ​

Excellent customer service


Achieving consistent high quality products ​

Innovating for better outcomes


Dedication to health & safety​

Strive for positive impact on society and the planet

Established in 1990, TUNAS RESIN has been successfully operating for 33 years
TUNAS RESIN's annual production capacity reaches 45,000 TPA
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Through competent  international distribution networks, TUNAS RESIN has exported products to 10 countries

Empowering the Community

Supporting the areas where we live and work is a key pillar of Tunas Resin’s core values.

Tunas Resin strives to support in the collective advancement of science education, environment, health and safety and other programs that are important to the quality of life in the community. Tunas Resin employees, through their generous spirit and willingness to be involved, are a natural extension into the local communities.

Find out more about Tunas Resin’s commitment to sustainability, community relations and social responsibility across Indonesia.

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