Acrylic Resins

An acrylic resin is a thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic substance typically derived from acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and acrylate monomers such as butyl acrylate and or methacrylate monomers such as methyl methacrylate.

Acrylic resin is a common ingredient in latex paint. Latex paints with a greater proportion of acrylic resin offer better stain protection, greater water resistance, better adhesion, greater resistance to cracking and blistering, and resistance to alkali cleaners compared to those with vinyl. Acrylic resin is considered extremely weatherproof and is well-suited for outdoor applications. In solid form, acrylic resin can last for decades. 

Discover Tunas Resin's range of acrylic resins:


Acrylic Polyol

Acrylic polyols are obtained by radical copolymerisation of acrylic monomers (ternary or quaternary copolymers), such as acrylic or methacrylic acids and esters.

Performance: good flexibility, good adhesion, good gloss, good weather resistance, good alcohol resistance, fast setting, good hardness, good compatibility with NC, CAB and Polyisocyanate.

Applications: PU varnishes for wood, plastic and metals.


Acrylic Thermosetting

Solvent-based acrylic resins are polymers made from the cross-linking reaction between acrylic and ester monomer via unsaturated bonds.

Performance: Good adhesion, flexibility, hardness and weatherability.

Applications: General metal coatings.



Thermoplastic Acrylic

A thermoplastic acrylic emulsion refers to the chemical occurrence where polymeric materials (that are esters of acrylic or methacrylic acids) are dispersed in a fine stream of droplets into another liquid that it is not soluble or miscible in. This mechanism is used to produce corrosion preventative coatings from thermoplastic acrylic substances. Acrylic thermoplastics are useful for applications requiring transparency, clarity or impact resistance. 

Performance:fast drying, good weather resistance, good flexibility, good hardness, good gasoline resistance, good alcohol resistance, good adhesion (including on wet substrates).

Applications: Air drying coatings, air drying refinishes and varnishes, decorative paints, aerosol paints, rood and wall paints, plastic coatings (ABS, HIPS, PC).

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